Section Candidates

Each section selects its president-elect and secretary candidates. The current president-elect will move up to assume the president position, ensuring leadership continuity. Some sections also asked current secretaries to serve a second term.

Section presidents and presidents-elect serve as members of the AGU Council, along with the AGU president-elect, the chairs of three standing committees (Honors and Recognition, Meetings, and Publications), six students and early career scientists, the AGU president (nonvoting), the executive director/CEO (nonvoting), and up to five at-large appointed positions. The Council code of conduct and leadership criteria are posted on the leadership pages of the AGU website.


Atmospheric and Space Electricity

Continuing: President Maribeth Stolzenburg and Past President Timothy J. Lang
President-elect: Morris Cohen and Yoav Y. Yair
Secretary: Sonja A. Behnke and Amitabh Nag


Atmospheric Sciences 

Continuing: President James W. Hurrell; Past President Joyce Penner; Secretary, Atmospheric Chemistry, and Composition V. Faye McNeill
President-elect: Paul A. Newman and Lynn M. Russell
Secretary, Physics, Dynamics, and Climate: Hui Su and Susan C. van den Heever



Continuing: President Elise Pendall and Past President Ariel D. Anbar
President-elect: Margaret S. Torn and Kathleen C. Weathers
Secretary: Jennifer Glass and Jennifer Pett-Ridge


Cryosphere Sciences

Continuing: President Lora Koenig and Past President Tavi Murray
President-elect: Michele Koppes and Åsa K Rennermalm
Secretary: Anna Hogg and Peter Neff


Earth and Planetary Surface Processes 

Continuing: President Dorothy Merritts; Past President William E. Dietrich; Secretary Gregory S. Hancock
President-elect: Gordon E. Grant and Kelin Whipple


Earth and Space Science Informatics

Continuing: President Denise J. Hills  and Past President Ruth Duerr
President-elect: Jeff de La Beaujardière and Douglas Fils
Secretary: Sean Gordon and Sarah Ramdeen



Continuing: President M. Meghan Miller and Past President Susan E. Owen
President-elect: Anny Cazenave and Freysteinn Sigmundsson
Secretary: Enrique Cabral-Cano and Jennifer S. Haase



The new GeoHealth section is not participating in the 2018 AGU Election. The founding leadership appointed by the Governance Committee will continue to serve to ensure leadership continuity at this time. The leaders are: President Aubrey Miller; President-elect Claire Horwell; Secretary Benjamin Zaitchik.


Geomagnetism, Paleomagnetism and Electromagnetism 

Continuing: President Catherine Johnson and Past President Laurie L. Brown
President-elect: Gary D. Egbert and France Lagroix
Secretary: Ioan Lascu and Ron Shaar


Global Environmental Change 

Continuing: President Philip Mote and Past President Ellen Mosley-Thompson
President-elect: Julie Brigham-Grette and James T. Randerson
Secretary: Nick Bond and Wenhong Li



Continuing: President Scott Tyler; Past President Jeffery McDonnell; Secretary Charles H. Luce
President-elect: Larry Band and Ana Barros


Mineral and Rock Physics

Continuing: President Wenlu Zhu and Past President Andrew Campbell
President-elect: Afu Lin and Sébastien Merkel
Secretary: Hiroko Kitajima and Jin Zhang


Natural Hazards

Continuing: President Seth Stein and Past President Ramesh P. Singh
President-elect: Dalia Kirschbaum and Y. Tony Song
Secretary: Suzana J. Camargo and Guido Cervone


Near Surface Geophysics 

Continuing: President Xavier Comas and Past President Sarah Kruse
President-elect: Burke J. Minsley and Stephen Moysey
Secretary: Kisa Mwakanyamale and Judy Robinson


Nonlinear Geophysics 

Continuing: President Sarah F. Tebbens and Past President Annick Pouquet
President-elect: Steven J. Fletcher and Juan M. Restrepo
Secretary: Raffaele Marino and Subbarao Yelisetti


Ocean Sciences 

Continuing: President Robert F. Anderson and Past President Eileen Hofmann; Secretary, Marine Geochemistry Claudia Benitez-Nelson; Secretary, Marine Geology and Geophysics Chuck Nittrouer
President-elect: Paola Malanotte-Rizzoli and Clare E. Reimers
Secretary, Biological Oceanography: Kendra Daly and Matthew J. Oliver
Secretary, Physical Oceanography: Enrique Curchitser and Janet Sprintall


Paleoceanography and Paleoclimatology

Continuing: President Petra Dekens and Past President Figen Mekik
President-elect: Ingrid Hendy and Aradhna Tripati
Secretary: Michèle LaVigne and Branwen Williams


Planetary Sciences

Continuing: President Rosaly M.C. Lopes and Past President Sarah T. Steward
President-elect: Steven A. Hauck, II and Michael Mischna
Secretary: Seth A. Jacobson and David A. Williams



Continuing: President Anne Sheehan and Past President Douglas Wiens
President-elect: Michael Bostock and Suzan van der Lee
Secretary: Heather DeShon and German A. Prieto


Societal Impacts and Policy Sciences

Continuing: President Maggie Walser and Past President Linda R. Rowan
President-elect: Kristin Ludwig and Julie Vano
Secretary: Ian Bolliger and Maya K. Buchanan


Space Physics and Aeronomy

Continuing: President Christina Cohen; Past President Larry J. Paxton; Secretary, Magnetospheric Physics Elizabeth MacDonald
President-elect:  Jimmy Raeder and Geoff Reeves
Secretary, Aeronomy: Aroh Barjatya and Romina Nikoukar
Secretary, Solar and Heliospheric Physics: Christina O. Lee and Brian Welsch


Study of the Earth’s Deep Interior

Continuing: President Scott D. King and Past President Allen K. McNamara
President-elect: Kanani K. M. Lee and Laurent Montesi
Secretary: Jessica Irving and Max Rudolph



Continuing: President Julia Morgan and Past President Ross S. Stein
President-elect: Jean-Philippe Avouac and Yann Klinger
Secretary: Mark D. Behn and Suzanne Carbotte


Volcanology, Geochemistry, and Petrology 

Continuing: President Michael Manga and Past President William F. McDonough
President-elect: Marc M. Hirschmann and Dominique Weis
Secretary, Geochemistry: Matthew Jackson and Fang-Zhen Teng
Secretary, Volcanology and Petrology: Paul D. Asimow and Christy Till