Georgios P. Tsoflias

Member since 2003. Professor, Applied Geophysics, Department of Geology, Earth Energy & Environment Center, The University of Kansas, Lawrence, KS.

Section affiliations: Biogeosciences, Cryosphere sciences, Hydrology, Near surface geophysics, Seismology

What experience and perspectives will you bring to the AGU Board if elected to fill the vacant seat?

It is an honor to be considered for a position on the AGU’s Board of Directors. As a member of the Leadership Development/Governance Committee I have witnessed the diverse and talented group of dedicated Board members guide the AGU through an ever-changing landscape of the Earth and space science profession. The Board of Directors has the crucial mission of ensuring that the business, organizational and legal affairs of the AGU are fulfilled. My service in AGU leadership positions for the past nine years (Council member, President of the Near Surface Section, Leadership Development/Governance Committee member) has provided me hands-on experience with AGU’s governance model, knowledge about how AGU works and extensive institutional memory of the organization’s affairs since the new governance model was adopted in June 2010. As a member of the Near Surface Geophysics community with a 26-year professional career spanning industry, government and academia, I describe myself as an Applied Geophysicist advancing science to address global societal challenges, such as CO2 utilization and geologic storage. My international background along with varied professional experience offer perspectives that are well suited for the functions of the Board and complementary to those of the current Board members. As the AGU community celebrates its centennial this year, the Board is formulating its strategic plan in a global society for the next decade and beyond while, in the shorter term, preparing for the AGU CEO leadership transition. If elected to the AGU Board, I am committed to support and advance its mission for the remainder of the current term.

Georgios P. Tsoflias CV