Catherine A. McCammon

Member since 1978. Academic Director, University of Bayreuth, Bayreuth, Germany.

Section affiliations: Biogeosciences; Earth and planetary systems processes; Education; Geomagnetism, paleomagnetism and electromagnetism; Mineral and rock physics; Study of the Earth’s interior; Volcanology, geochemistry and petrology

What experience and perspectives will you bring to the AGU Board if elected to fill the vacant seat?

I bring an international perspective from living and working in Germany for the past 30 years with extensive involvement in European and international initiatives, including being part of a joint German-Japanese doctoral program. My international experience has given me a respect for other cultures and ways of doing things and has taught me that conversations are best when all relevant parties are at the decision table. I bring an understanding of the Gordian knot that binds AGU governance, science and member engagement because I served on three AGU committees and task forces at the same time. I bring experience, indeed a passion, for science communication through many outreach activities and participation in numerous AGU Sharing Science events. I bring leadership skills that I first learnt as section president and AGU Council member and later developed in leadership roles with European and international organizations. Finally, I bring the usual prerequisites of a Board member in being open minded, responsible, forward thinking, respectful of others, willing to learn, and passionate about AGU.

Catherine A. McCammon CV