AGU Council – Student and Early Career Slate

There are six permanent positions for student and early career members on the AGU Council. The Leadership Development Committee invited volunteer leaders (current and past Board and Council members, current committee and task force members, Editors-in-Chief, the College of Fellows, and staff) to submit nominations for four open student and early career positions. Nominees were invited to indicate their interest in the position after being provided information on the role of the Council in AGU governance, the strategic plan, and the job description. The identification and nomination process continues to be successful. Many candidates were highly qualified and the Leadership Development Committee found it difficult to choose only eight candidates. Student and early career candidates not selected for the ballot will be given priority for other leadership opportunities at AGU to ensure we continue to engage and nurture the next generation of volunteer leaders.

Continuing Council Members

Early Career Members:

Catalina M. Oaida

Tim H.M. van Emmerik

New Candidates

Student Positions:

Paige Martin and Katarena Matos

Joshua R. Jones and James Neely

Kyle Mayers and Antonio Meira

Early Career Position:

Madeline Lee and Rosie Oakes